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Hello LSC Families,

We are hosting a Toddler Show on Saturday, March 26th from 1:30-2:15pm. This show will replace the Toddler Classes for that day.

Students will arrive at 1:15pm in the back with one parent to get ready to "perform."

We will bring everyone in at 1:30pm to start the show. We will have one parent help their toddler through a floor circuit set up to demonstrate to family and friends some of the skills they can do!

After everyone has gone through the course, we will invite family and friends to join you on the floor to explore the gym and go to different stations (bars, beam, trampoline etc.) to show their skills and earn gold coins! These coins will be exchanged at the end for a prize!

We are so excited to offer this event for the first time and hope that you enjoy it!

Here's what you need to do:


• You are officially enrolled in the show! 

• If you DO NOT wish to participate, please login to your Parent Portal, select "Account" then "Enrollments" then "Toddler Show" and "Drop" with the reason. Please drop by March 14th so we can plan.

• Use the Ticket Link on the previous page to get free tickets for your friends and family. The event is completely FREE! This is just so we have an RSVP and know how many friends to expect.

• If possible, find something green or yellow for your toddler to wear for the show.

Please email with any questions. We will send reminders, updates and more info as we get closer.

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