Frequently Asked Questions

Are you LGA or LSC?
Originally, we were Lighthouse Gymnastics Academy. We became Lighthouse Sports Center LLC in 2016. LSC re-hired many of the same management and employees as before. The name was decided as part of the transition to recognize the same quality provided before, but recognizing the new sports LSC offers besides Gymnastics. You'll still see that old familiar LGA logo around occasionally. It was on EVERYTHING!
How do I pay for my classes?

We accept payments online through our Parent Portal only. After your first payment, all others are paid via Autopay which runs on the 20th of each month prior to the start of the enrollment period.

What should my child wear for class?

You'll find the most up-to-date information on the Parent Portal, but in general: stretchy, comfortable clothing for Toddlers/Preschoolers. Leotards for Gymnasts and Dancers, Athletic wear for Tumblers, Cheerleaders, and Wrestlers. No Jeans or Jewelry for anyone.

What are your term dates?

Our classes are structured so that the enrollment is continuous. Payment is made monthly, but enrollment is ongoing. You may start at any time. We offer a free trial for you!

How do I find my bill?

We email a statement around the 15th of each month. For the most up-to-date information, logon to the Parent Portal. For instructions on accessing this, click on the Parent Portal Guide link at the top of this page.

Are your teachers qualified?

Our coaches have a variety of backgrounds in the sports we offer. Not only were most of our coaches taught as youth by our own staff members, they've been taught in-house for coaching as well! Lighthouse uses many certification programs depending on the sports coached by the coach. They are certified through various organizations such as USAG and AACCAA in addition to having been trained in house. Lighthouse only hires W-2 legal employees to coach. We do not  "pay under the table" or "contract" our coaching staff here!

Can we still join your classes after the term has started?

We offer continuous enrollment so you can join at any time. We do not do "sessions". Classes are always ongoing and the schedule stays consistent year-round. Your tuition is paid monthly.

Can parents watch?

Of course! Parents are a value part of our partnership to help the children improve. We provide spectator seating for you to watch!

What is your ratio of children to coaches?

We strive to maintain a strict ratio or 6 students to 1 instructor. We appreciate your understanding if mistakes happen.


You may see that multiple classes are started by only one instructor. This is usually because we have a legal obligation to provide each coach with their mandatory rest periods and meal breaks. We maintain a standard list and order for warmups to ensure a seamless transition in-between instructors and to make sure no stretches are missed.