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Scheduling MAKEUP Classes.

Makeup classes are a privilege, not a right, and are limited by availability. Please attend the Active Enrollment you have paid for whenever possible.

  • Your makeup will be denied if:

    • -it has been more than 14 days.

    • -you are not currently enrolled or have a past due balance.

    • -you already have the same level class that day.

  • To schedule a MAKEUP online:

    • Step 1: Log In and click "Makeups"

    • Click on your student’s name then choose the token you want to use up.

    • Find the class you like and click “Use Token” next to it. The Portal will automatically limit the class list to classes with openings for your students’ age. PLEASE REMEMBER TO CHANGE THE DATE!

    • Click Confirm.

That’s it!

You will not need to wait for approval. You will automatically receive an email confirmation.

Please call our office if you need assistance using this program!

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