Do you need to get your kids active? Are they driving you nuts at home?
Part of a healthy immune system and mental state is being physically and socially active. That's why LSC is offering live video instruction instead of just youtube videos. With our virtual classes, your child will not only get coached, but will be able to interact and see their classmates as well! New to our Program? Give it a try for free!

Lighthouse Sports Center Is proud to offer Kids Sports Classes, including Gymnastics Classes, martial Arts Classes, cheerleading and dance classes and teams

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562-991-4375 Our office hours are limited currently. Please email or DM on Instagram.

Ready for in-person classes?
So are we. We strongly believe that it is extremely unhealthy and damaging to the mental and emotional states of mind for kids to be trapped at home, sometimes completely alone as parents work. Email us with your concerns, whether it's for classes or just to vent with people that get it.